Tenant Services

What to expect when renting from Palmer Estates

Tenant Services

If you are a tenant looking for a suitable property to rent all residents over the age of 18 will be required to complete a reference check form and will be included on to the tenancy. The reference will consist of the following:

 Bank reference
 A credit reference
 An employer’s / account’s reference
 Previous landlord reference

Prospective tenants must be aware that they should not be providing a deposit unless they are :

a) Are not aware of any adverse credit issues
b) Are confident that they are able to afford the weekly rent.
c) Are happy that cheques will be banked on submission of references.

A receipt will be issued to customers advising of the terms of paying a preliminary deposit. This receipt also explains that the deposit includes a VAT charge for the reference with the balance of deposits being part payment for the initial rent payments.

On success of your application a Reservation Letter will be issued to confirm:-

a) The property address being reserved for them and property type
b) The weekly rent payable
c) Deposits required – 1 months rent plus up to Five weeks rent as damage deposit
d) Anticipated moving in date.
e) Documentation required prior to moving in – photo identification , proof of address and copies of 3 x months payslips and/or P60.

Disclaimer : A payment of 200 is required to indicate your commitment is required when you submit your application and is held against expenses. If your application is successful this payment will be deducted from your initial money.

The payment is non-refundable should your application be unsuccessful or withdrawn in certain circumstances, the details of which are set out in the confirmation letter. Please note that this money in advance does not constitute a tenancy or offer of a tenancy but is required as proof of your serious intention to proceed.


Tenant’s Obligations

The tenants of the property are responsibility for the state and cleanliness of property during their tenancy. In the event of an electrical or gas problems please report it to our office immediately.
Causing a nuisance to neighbours will not be will not be tolerated. Please respect your fellow neighbours by not making loud noises during unreasonable hours in the early morning and late night. Full details of tenant obligations can be found within our tenancy agreements.

The Agent’s Obligations

As the appointed agent of the landlord are task will be to ensure that your tenancy is an enjoyable one. However, the level of service provided will vary depending on which of the following services we provide for the Landlord:

Let and manage the property
Let the property and accept the rent
Purely let the property

You will be advised which of the above apply prior to your tenancy commencing but should you need further details regarding a specific property please us. In general terms, it is the landlords responsibility to ensure that your home is habitual and well maintained.

Deposits and The tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme

Before your tenancy commences you will be required to pay a security deposit equivalent to a maximum of five week’s rent. This deposit is held against any damages or expenses arising during your tenancy and will not be released until after you vacate the property.

Since 6th April 2007 all deposits collected by a Landlord or Estate Agent on behalf of a landlord has been held within a government run deposit scheme. The scheme allows tenants to get all or part of their deposit back when they are entitled to it. If a dispute arises a tenant can have the matter assessed by an impartial third party to resolve the dispute. It is therefore necessary for tenants and Landlords to make a clear agreement from the start on the condition of the property.


An inventory is a schedule outlining the condition of the property and its contents ie furniture. This will be checked and agreed with the tenants at the start of your tenancy. The purpose of this is to ensure that disputes are avoided at the end of your tenancy relating to damages.

Rental Payments

Rent payments are collected by standing order. To ensure payment is received on time, we request that standing order payments are made 3 days prior to the being collect. If you come across problems making a rental payment, you are required to make contact with us immediately. We work closely with our tenants to ensure that their tenancy is not in jeopardy, in some cases tenants will be entitled to housing benefit, If you need assistance or advice on completing a housing benefit form, please contact one of our letting officers, and we will be happy to help.

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